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Leasing Your Retail Space

by zhano9610 on April 20, 2016

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Garden centers need retail spaces the same as anyone else. With so many supplies that require both indoor and outdoor sections, the right space is critical. When you find retail space as a garden center you might have negotiated a contract which allows you to sublease some of the office space. This can seem like a great idea, especially if your company decides to change directions, downsize, or otherwise alter the original needs of the company. There are good and bad components to the idea of subleasing the retail space for lease and each should be evaluated before you sign the agreement and clauses therein for the retail space for lease you are soon to acquire.


Securing the Short Term


In terms of the benefits of subleasing your retail space for lease, you and your company will be able to secure short term space by taking over a lease from another company at a rate which is below that of the current market. Many times you can find retail space for lease that is between ten and fifty percent less than the regular lease rent if you are subleasing the space. This rate is determined by the amount of time remaining on the lease as well as the marketability of the space itself.

Get a lease on life

Now, as another company, like one running a pokies operation online with a shorter sublease you will be offered lower prices. Other benefits to subleasing retail space for lease is that the current tenant who is leaving the area might be relocating to another state or be going out of business which means that you might be able to negotiate their office furniture or equipment at a discounted rate as well, thus saving you even more money which can be put into other components of the business. You can enjoy your pokies operation from the comfort of discounted office supplies.



There are, of course, downsides to subleasing retail space for lease. If your company outgrows the subleased space you will have to move as soon as the lease has ended or pay rent at the current market rate if you wish to remain. More than likely, your company will have to do one of these two even if you do not outgrow the current space. This could negatively affect your company if the market price doubles or jumps by twenty percent during the one year sublease that you signed leaving you and your company wishing that they had agreed to a five year agreement on retail space for lease.


Another downside to companies who sublease retail space for lease is that there are no negotiations to be made regarding the condition of the space. The retail space for lease is given as is and you will not be provided with improvements to the area. This means your company will have to pay for the improvements out of pocket which will not be cost efficient if you are only staying for a short leasing period nor will the lower rent from the sublease necessarily save you money if the money saved plus additional finances are required to maintain the property or make necessary improvements.


When it comes to retail space for lease, it is important to verify the possible expenses incurred from subleasing, as well as what benefits might come. This should be taken on a case-by-case basis as no two situations will be the same. For more on the best online casino reviews, read on.


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